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Guild War time change!

Fridays GuildWar will start running a few hours earlier at 4 PM server time!

Due to a high demand of requests we are gonna start running GuildWar as early as 4 PM server time during Fridays. If the times seems to be better for everyone now we will keep it that way!

Server Update!


We have successfully migrated the servers to a new hardware platform. Other new changes include:

New Rules and Ban Page

New Forums are now Live!

A new client and client installer has also been introduced.

We look forward to a lot of new events for Christmas!

If you have any issues patching please download the new client!

Saturday Update Patch!

Saturday 19th Major Patch and Update

Two Hour Maintenance

Exciting News!!!!

We will be doing a major update and migration of the Dragon Servers to a new hardware platform on Saturday 19th November from 10.00am until 12.00pm Server time. We will be adding some new features that will be posted here on Saturday. Please be aware that the migration may over run, however we anticipate we will only be down for two hours.

Online Support chat for the servers!
New Forums for the Server!
Oynxia[OWWNER} will start a number of events as soon as the server comes back up to make up for the downtime.!

New Download Links for fast access!

New Levelling Zone added!

Update!Attention Classic Fanatics!

Dragon CO is proud to re-introduce to our pro levelers WineZone!


WineZone is a classic based feature to which players of higher potential can reach You will need a Health Wine from Mystic Castle to get there! HW drops for MC mobs… Their max level as well as fix their skills in a more timely fashion. The Area will consist of mobs similar to MysticCastle, just with a higher level and higher percentage count. So if you’re a player who misses this in Classic style CO, look no further because we have answered your call! . Thank you to all of your support for the server and let’s keep this incredible community growing!

Online Support chat for the servers!
Other updates! Drop the stats on 120 ears to 112 levels Boost firemet 100% dmg Remove the + stone prize from PVP events, Change it to a 1 hour exp potion Dodge Skill reworked Add cps to Gambler Ore mining in pk jail to be able to get out of there while still black name Better jail system for timeouts Including automated release More Events added to Dynamic event system Buff/Debuff Spells" Stigma - MagicShield - XPShield - StarOfAccuracy - Invisibility - Fly - AdvancedFly - Cyclone - SuperMan – Transform reworked
Oynxia[OWWNER} will start a number of events as soon as the server comes back up to make up for the downtime.!

New Download Links for fast access!

Halloween Quest is Here!

Halloween Quest is Here!!!!

24th Ocober until 1st November! Halloween Quest Guide : 1) Visit any spawn in the game and hunt to collect “Small Pumpkins”. 2) For every 20 Small Pumpkins you collect, you must talk to KingJack in Twin City to exchange them for 1 “HugePumpkin”.You MUST have 12 Huge Pumpkins to move to step 3 of the quest. 3) One you have collected 12 Huge Pumpkins, you may then talk to KingJack and exchange them for 3 “FatPumpkins” which will be used to make “PumpkinPies”. (You can exchange the HugePumpkins 4 at a time for one FatPumpkin each) 4) One you have all 3 FatPumpkins, you must the go out to any mob and hunt 3 of each of the following materials. • X3 Flour • X3 Sugar • X3 Chocolate • X3 Water 5) Once you have 3 FatPumpkins and all of the materials you need, you may then talk to Lena in Twin City and exchange these items for 3 “PumpkinPies”. (Exchanging 1 Fat Pumpkin and 1 of each material at a time until you have 3 desserts.) 6) After you have the 3 desserts, Go and talk to KingJack again and you may exchange the desserts for 1 PumpkinBox and receive your prize.

Brief Exchange Guide

• 20 SmallPumpkins = 1 HugePumpkin • 4 Huge Pumpkins = 1 FatPumpkin • 1 Fat Pumpkin + 1 Flour, Sugar, Water, Chocolate = 1 PumpkinPie • 3 PumpkinPies = 1 PumpkinBox

One Off New WORLD Boss will appear in TC on Halloween Night with a VERY special drop for the lucky player who kills it. This will require at least 40 players!
New Forums for the Server!
GM's for the servers will be DragonStaff and two for each Time Zone!

New Download Links for fast access!

Dragon Conquer is a Classic Conquer Online server, but with a few twists

We are of the opinion that the game was ruined shortly after all of the new equipment and classes were added by TQ, therefore you will find that Dragon Conquer have developed a server, and a community that promises the following.

  • No new classes, Warriors, Taos, Trojans and Archers only.
  • No BattlePower, Talismans, Mounts, Fans, Towers etc.
  • We do not and will not EVER implement the lottery system.

We can boast the following few features from a VERY long list. 

  • Conquer 3.0 HD maps. 
  • Tons of new and unique garments. 
  • A full arena system, with rankings, halos and rewards. 
  • Solo and Team PK events. 
  • Quiz Show. Frozen Grotto levels 1 to 6, for levelling from 130 to 137. 
  • TC Gambler, try your luck at gambling for gear. 
  • Classic Guild War, gates, bombs....the way it should be! 
  • Guild Hall, offering huge benefits to the last Guild War winning guild. 

There really is much more, please come and see for yourself.

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